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Vectren Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Vectren Bill

Vectren is an energy holding company serving Indiana and Ohio. The main headquarters of the company is located in Evansville, Indiana. The gas company provides gas utilities to nearly one million people. Electric utilities are provided to about 140,000 customers.

How to Pay the Bill

Pay online: Vectren customers do not have to sign-up for an online account to make a payment, but they must have access to a bill with the account number listed to process an online payment. To pay your Vectren bill online visit There is a service charge of $4.25 per $2,000 paid online.

Pay by phone: Customers can also process payments by phone through customer service. The customer service phone number is 1-800-227-1376.

Pay in person: Multiple locations are available for in-person bill payment. To find a location near you, visit

Pay automatically: Automatic payments are deducted from your bank account monthly. Customers must enroll in the automatic payment program online. Banking information can be updated from your Vectren account. The service can also be cancelled online. Bill payments are deducted on the due date printed on your bill.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

For more information on disconnect fees and insufficient funds fees, visit the Questions and Answers section of the Vectren customer service website. Any questions not covered can be addressed by customer service at 1-800-227-1376.

How the Penalty Fees Work

  • Late payment fee: Vectren charges a late payment fee, but the total amount of that fee is not listed online.
  • Reconnection fee: The reconnection fee is determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Security deposit: Security deposits may be charged at the time service is started and at the time of reconnection after service has been disconnected for non-payment. The amount of the security deposit depends on several factors, including past due amount and credit information. All past due payments must be made in full before service can be reconnected.
  • Insufficient funds fee: There may be a fee charged by Vectren if a payment is rejected by your bank. This fee will be in addition to any fees charged by your bank.

I Can’t Make a Payment

  • Payment arrangement: Payment arrangements are available for customers who cannot pay their Vectren bill in full. Customers can request payment arrangements through customer service or online. The online form requires the customer list their social security number to process the request for payment arrangement.
  • Budget billing: Vectren allows customers to pay an average bill amount based on service provided to the address during the previous 12 months. The payment amount will be reviewed in early summer to adjust payment amount. If your bill is more than the average payment, your payment amount may increase. If your bill is less than the average payment, your payment may decrease.
  • Payment extension: If you need a little extra time paying your Vectren bill, you can request an extension online or by phone. The same form is used to process payment arrangements and payment extensions, so the customer will be required to enter their social security number to request an extension.
  • Gift of Energy: The Gift of Energy program allows you to pay money toward the energy bill of someone you know. Customers can download the form from the Vectren website and mail the form to:

Vectren Energy Delivery
Attn: Customer Relations
PO Box 209
Evansville, IN 47702-0209

  • LIHEAP: Energy assistance programs are available in Indiana and Ohio. Most programs require application and proof of income and family size. To learn more about how to qualify for energy assistance with LIHEAP, we recommend you call customer service at 1-800-227-1376. The funds from this program are dispersed through Community Action Agencies.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill

We would love to hear your story about Vectren bill pay. How did the company help you pay your bill?

7 Comments on “Vectren Bill
  1. cant pay my bill of 290.00 dollares by friday looking for help but there is not any additional charges of possibly unknown hard working single mom

  2. Ihave been on budget pay for along time,I also have been a customer for many many years.I just recently have fell behind on my budget pay due date.Iam disabled and I live on a limited income.Idon’t know what to say other than please don’ take me off of budget pay.I don’t know what I will do.I have never been disconnected Thank You Glenna appiarius

  3. You folks are extorting money for these late payments. Had a rough two qeeks, you know, being 26 with two children and all. And the first time my wife has ever missed a payment for anything, she makes a bank mistake, and our gas is shut off. We owe 250$ for a reconnect fee!? That is absolutely outrageous, and i will have a wood burning stove installed before i pay such a ridiculous amount for what should be a very minor discrepancy. Shame on you, Vectren. These people out here have children and lives. You are taking ridiculous money from folks, simply because they have no choice but to pay you. I refuse… not that amount!

  4. I have a 2 year old, 1 year old and a 1 month old baby. I thought I had until the 22nd to pay my past due amount and I got ahut iff today. Now you want $361 just to turn my services back on. This ia ridiculous.

  5. I can’t pay my electric bill for another week! I’m a 20 year old girl living on her own, working full time and living pay check to pay check! I spend everyday working with nonverbal autistic children and then someone steals my account number for my bank and takes $300 from me! That’s almost a whole pay check! I barely made rent this month too! Please I need the extra week then I can promise with all my heart you will get your money!

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