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  1. I am needing help with my security deppoist it is 250 dollors its me and my mom we both get ssi and my mom has parkinens i am not throwing a pity party i just wish they could breaqk it down in instalments which i could and would gladly pay does anyone help wiith this prommblem?

  2. Hi there I used to live in a 6 people in a household,today there’s only 2 in the household. In Nov 16,2011 I used to work for this company for 22 yrs. Then they let me go. So since then and now I’m still looking for a job. And today we have no running water and electricity. My husband & I have to ride our bucks to the beach park or our neighbors house for some water or electricity. And for how long will that last. So please somebody help my family and I have a decent life please.

  3. I have not been able to pay my medical bills for 15 years.I have multiple issues with my body.I am now in the last stages of liver disease and I still can’t get qualified for SSI,SSDI or even medicaid.Thanks to the help of my parents I do have health insurance now.But they’re are still bills piling high.Please help me.

  4. Well ive been down that road before and if i had a active account if they havnt already turned off the services and if i live in the erea if i had a voucher otherwise they have the funds i have been without utilitys for mpre than to years it dont matter if i have a five year old or if im unemployed from health problems it dont matter how hot it is. I cant get shit from none and noone

  5. I haven’t been approved for SSI OR SSDI YET. Still waiting. Meanwhile I have around $3000 of dr/ hospital bills that I need help with paying.

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