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National Grid Bill

What to do When you Can’t Pay Your National Grid Bill

National Grid is an electric and gas provider servicing Massachusetts, Nantucket, New Hampshire, New York and Rhode Island. The company maintains more than 9,000 miles of electrical lines and services more than 3 million customers with natural gas in New York and New Hampshire alone.

How to Pay the Bill

National Grid offers several payment options for customers.

Pay online: Customers can sign up for an account to pay your National Grid bill online. The web address for online payments is

Pay automatically: Automatic payments can be set-up through the Direct Pay option. Users must sign-up for Direct Pay via their online National Grid bill pay account.

Pay by mail: To pay your bill by mail send payments with account number or pay stub portion of your bill to:

National Grid
PO Box 11737
Newark, NJ 07101-4737

Pay by phone: National Grid customers can pay through Western Union by calling 1-888-849-4310. There is a service fee associated with paying via Western Union.

Pay by Western Union: Credit and debit card payments can be made at any Western Union location accepting bill pay. The bill can also be paid online. There is a $2.25 service fee attached to online Western Union payments and customers are limited to one $600 payment per transaction. Western Union accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Debit cards must have the Pulse, Star, NYCE or Accel logo printed on the card.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Complete details on service fees and rates are available on the Service Rates page. The customer service contact number is 1-800-322-3223.

How the Penalty Fees Work

National Grid assess penalty fees for late payments, returned payments and reconnection.

  • Late payments: A fee of 1.5% of the total balance is assessed for late payment.
  • Returned payments: National Grid charges $10, in addition to any applicable bank fees you’re charged, for returned payments.
  • Reconnection: Customers must pay the outstanding balance in full. Reconnection fees vary.

I Can’t Make a Payment

When we contacted the customer service number for National Grid, the agent referred us to the website for more information. The National Grid website offers options for customers who cannot pay their National Grid bill.

National Grid offers payment assistance and a budget plan for customers having trouble keeping up with energy bills.

  • Budget plan: Customers must have a zero (0) balance on their account before enrolling in the budget plan. The budget plan is based on previous usage. An average bill is calculated so customers don’t have to worry about fluctuating bills during peak months.
  • Payment assistance: Payment assistance through National Grid is limited to payment extensions and payment agreements. Customers on a fixed income can request an extension of up to 10 days if their check is delivered after the National Grid bill due date. Payment agreements allow a customer to resolve past due bills with smaller payments. Current and on-going charges are not included on the payment plan. Customers can call 1-800-443-1837 to learn more about payment assistance.
  • LIHEAP home energy assistance program: This service is available to qualified low income customers that can’t pay your National grid bill. A household must be currently receiving public assistance, food stamps or Social Security income. Customers are encouraged to apply early due to limit funds.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Do you have first-hand experience with National Grid? If you’ve been unable to pay your bill and contacted National Grid for help, let us know how you faired.

21 Comments on “National Grid Bill
  1. Your online bill pay is not operational. I am on paperless billing. How can I pay? I don’t know my account number.

  2. I want to know whare there is a place near me to pay my bill. You can forget about asking national grid.they send me to another state.

  3. my bill is $6,ooo i cannot pay that amount the gas company wants $3,000 to turn on my gas i donnot have that amount i need help,

  4. you are crooks natural gas prices are set at the beginning of the year. you are ripping people off and should be brought up on charges.

  5. these people are crazy ….certainly don’t want to help the hard working people!!! i owe a past due bill of 125 and they wont spread it out into 6 months and add it to my monthly bill!!!! they want me to pay them 50.00 a week plus my monthly bill omg that’s crazy!!! someone cut my money tree down i told them!!! seriously my total bill is 125 past due give me a break like everyone else i have other bills too not just them!!! if i had the tax payers paying all my bills i wouldn’t ask for payment arrangements!!!!total bull

  6. I have spent hours this AM trying to sign up for bill pay on-line and unable to do so since I cannot find an access code on my bill. It is suppose to be under Important Messages but guess what there is no such information of “Important Messages” on the bill. And of course trying to reach a real-live person for assistance doesn’t exist at National Grid so how about a location where the bill can be paid. I can pay by mail 7 days in advance of due date and it never gets there on time; always get a late fee. Customer service gets a 0 rating.

  7. this company are crooks, if everyone stopped paying there bill(power to the people!!!) would that open there damn eyes??? greed is ignorance. off-peak hours are at there discretion, I had a sound conservative energy plan for my family and soon as they caught on they stopped off-peak hours and over night my bill went from $150 month to $300 THIS IS ABSURD AND INHUMANE AND SHOULD BE AGAINST THE LAW!!! WHERES THE BBB WHEN OU NEED THEM??? OH WAIT THERE IN ON THE GREEDY SCAM IM SURE… MIDDLE CLASS IS AT A CIVIAL WAR IN AMERICA WHEN WILL PEOPLE REALIZE!!!


  9. As a disabled veteran i would’ve thought i could catch a break if over due, but they don’t care at all, I’ve been shut off at least 4-5 times in the last 2 years! I just got my first solar panel and am getting rid of these guys as soon as i get more. Its a monopoly and they know it. I ve been online for an hour trying to pay my bill but cant find this fictional access code and absolutely do not want to call their awful customer service. We really should rise up and stop paying this guys all at once and hit em in the wallet like they do to us.

  10. I always pay my bill online. So today I went to pay and it wouldn’t take my username or password. so then I tried to sign up again and they’re asking me for the access code which is an important message section on your bill. One hour later I still can’t find the access code it’s not there!

    • i live in nassau county. unless i am blind, i cannot find an
      access code on my bill to do on line payments. any suggestions?

  11. I wanted to pay my bill online but you need an “access code” which is found on your bill apparently in the “important messages” section. I have been looking for this “important messages” section for 20 minutes now and am giving up. It doesn’t exist. Great.

  12. OMG!!! The access code is in some twisted “Twilight Zone” episode. Gotta be kidding me. Snail mail it is for you N.G. Freakazoids!!

  13. LIterally YEARS later people are still trying to find this Access Code that doesn’t exist. National Grid is up there with Comcast as the worst company ever.

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