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Lakeland Electric Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Lakeland Electric Bill

Lakeland Electric services more than 120,000 customers around the Lakeland, Florida area. For more than 100 years, Lakeland Electric has provided lo-cost services in a professional, caring and business-like manner. Because Lakeland Electric is committed to the customer, this electric company offers several options to customer that cannot pay their bill.

How to Pay Your Bill

Pay online: Customers can pay your Lakeland Electric bill online by visiting Online payments are accepted in the form of electronic checks, credit cards and debit cards. Credit card payments are subject to convenience fee.

Pay by phone: You can pay your Lakeland Electric bill by phone by calling 1-800-929-4876. You must provide the customer service representative with your account number as well an approved payment.

Payment locations: Lakeland Electric offers several third-party locations to make payments. The locations charge a convenience fee that varies depending on the location.

  • Western Union
  • Money Gram
  • Speedpay
  • Fidelity Express
  • IPP

Pay by mail: You can mail payments to:

Lakeland Electric
501 East Lemon St.
Lakeland, FL 33801-9881

Pay in person: You can drop off your Lakeland Electric payment at:

Lakeland Electric
501 East Lemon St.
Lakeland, FL 33801-9881

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Lakeland Electric publishes a short list of fees and surcharges, including regulatory taxes, public service taxes and environmental charges on the Rate Information page. Contact customer service at 1-863-834-1633.

How the Penalty Fees Work

When we spoke to the customer service representative at Lakeland Electric, they informed us that the company charges fees associated with late payments and returned checks. They did not disclose any information regarding a security deposit.

  • Late charges – $3.50 or 1.5% of your total monthly Lakeland Electric bill, whichever is greater.
  • Returned checks – The fee was not disclosed, but the amount is added to you monthly bill and requires payment within 10 days. The time decreases to six days if a second returned check appears within the following 12 months.
  • Reconnection – The fee was not disclosed, but we were informed the amount depends on the standing of each individual customer.

I Can’t Make a Payment

We spoke to Lakeland Electric customer service and they provided us with options for customers that are having difficulty paying their bill.

  • Project CARE – This income-based program assists customers of Lakeland Electric that are over the age of 60 and/or receive disability insurance.
  • Round Up – This program round up your bill to the nearest dollar. The extra payment is applies to the Project CARE fund and helps customer that cannot pay their monthly Lakeland Electric bill.
  • Payment extension – Established customers with six months or more of service are eligible for a one-time payment extension. This service is available every 90 days during the course of a financial hardship.
  • LIHEAP: This federally-funded program is available for a limited time with limited funding. You may ask how to qualify for energy assistance with LIHEAP. You will need to meet certain income guidelines and apply early. You can contact your local National Energy Assistance Referral Project (NEAR) at 1-866-674-6327.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

We want to hear your experience with Lakeland Electric. Several online complaints state Lakeland Electric charges an astronomical amount in fees and provides poor customer service. Leave us your comments so we can help other customers that need help paying their Lakeland Electric bill.

11 Comments on “Lakeland Electric Bill
  1. They need to work with people who are unemployed and give them more extensions, even if they don’t have the full amount they should cut them a break at least they are trying to pay their bill.

  2. I currently live in Davenport, Florida and I just got an apartment in Lakeland, Florida. When I called lakeland electric to have the electric turned on they said that I had to have a credit check and then they charged me a $150.00 deposit. The deposit is way too high and it’s absolutely ridiculous. I have near perfect credit so I don’t understand why I have to pay an outrageous deposit. This is called taking advantage of people. And it’s wrong, shameful, and unethical. I barely use any electricity so my bills have always been around $40.00 to $50.00 per month in the past. So to require me to pay for 3 months upfront of electricity for an apartment I’m only going to be at for 6 months is absolutely ridiculous. Why do they even bother to do a credit check on people if they’re still going to require people with perfect credit to pay a deposit anyway????

  3. you are a company that rips off people your costomer service people are hate full and should not work there your need to be bought out some we can get cheaper electric like teco needs to buy you out the Lord is watching all that decieve others

  4. lakeland electric is to exp. and very hard to deal with. guess you can be that way when you monopolize service in certain ares.low economy just us customers not big corp

  5. You think a company would care about their customers and image, but it is pretty apparent that Lakeland electric does not. Just search their name you will find pages and pages of horror stories of how LE dosent care and wronged the people they are to take care of. Not one post compliments them nor do they even respond to defend or apologise. I am for letting LE have some accountability to its customers and to the state. The last I checked we payed the second highest rates in the state. This is bogus, give Lakeland Electric the boot and let privatization take over. Let this tormented, monopolized town be free of your treachery and mob like tatics…. Be gone with you satan………..

  6. My brother stayed with me for a while so he put the lights on in his name and made the lights is responsibility. Well he stop paying the bill and left so my lights was turned off and my son and I had to go stay with my sister until I was able to pay my bill and get the lights back on. A week later I get a letter from lakeland electric telling me I had to pay my brothers outstanding bill or they will add it to my bill or disconnect my lights if I don’t pay it in 10 days can they do that. It took all I could to get my lights going. Now they want to turn them off for a bill that’s not even in my name.

  7. You only get 14 days after the bill is due. Lights will be diconnected the aftrr 8am next morning. This is the worst electric company. I only wish TECO would service this area.

  8. My husband and I are in between jobs. Waiting for those first paychecks. We were offerred an extension on our 2nd bill due and at the last minute had to rely on a family friend to loan us the money for it. Now we are faced with another shutoff notice today and unable to pay. We can pay 2/3 of the money now, but they won’t except. We hate to ask for the rest from friends again. If extensions have been honored in the past, there should be no limits, especially if they have a deposit. If more than half is offerred, then they should accept with a possible extension for the remainder. Times are hard right now. Most people are trying to make an effort. This is what I would call good customer service.

  9. Im afraid they can do that! I rented a room to someone and he had the power turned on in his name for the portion of the rent, well he didnt pay the bill and I made him move. But when I had the power turned on in my name, just as you said they had added HIS bill to mine! I argued the point and got no where. I even showed them the rental agreement we had. Still because I am the homeowner, I am ultimently responsible for the bill. NO payment, No power! I had to make arrangements for 150.00 a monyh on top of my regular bill for 12 month to pay HIS bill!! so stand in line with that one !!!!

  10. my name is chris boggs…my father, who is on disability feel behind on his bill and has been living in his apartment will no power for about 5 days now. Im not blaming anyone, but is there anyway that he can get some help so hes not sweating to death in his place? please let me know if anyone knows of somewhere that can help him. thanks

  11. Lakeland electric is the worst electric company I’ve ever seen in my life I was one hour late paying a bill and could not get an extension now it’s cold and I have no power had none since the 22nd of December thank you like. now it is January the 8th and I still have no power. and I like to me last week has no programs to assist anyone who needs help you’re the worst Electric Company in the state of Florida. it is my prayer that someone else buys you out Teco . or Progress Energy anyone the electric

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