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Florida City Gas Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Florida City Gas Bill

Florida City Gas is a natural gas company serving Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River and Brevard. Not all residents in these areas have natural gas service, but Florida City Gas wants to change that. If a customer has a natural gas line to the home and chooses to switch to Florida City Gas, the company offers rebates of $200 just for switching.

How to Pay the Bill

Florida City Gas doesn’t want inconvenience to be a reason for non-payment. The official website outlines multiple payment options so customers can pay bills on-time.

Pay online: You can pay your Florida City Gas bill online at https://csp.aglr.com/selfservice/csp/login.aspx. The payment system does not charge a service fee, but it only accepts checking, saving or money market account payments.

Pay by phone: Florida City Gas has teamed up with Western Union for phone payments. Customers can call 1-866-589-5031 to make a payment. Checking, savings, debit and credit card accounts are accepted. There is a service fee for phone payments.

Pay in person: Customers can visit one of the many payment locations to pay Florida City Gas bills.

Pay by mail: Write out personal checks or money orders to Florida City Gas. Include your account number on the front. Mail payments to:

Florida City Gas
PO Box 11812
Newark, NJ 07101-8112

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

If you have questions about your Florida City Gas bill, feel free to view the Understanding Your Bill page. There is a small amount of information about how to read your bill. Questions about online bill pay are answered in the Online Bill Pay FAQs. Customer service will answer any remaining questions at 1-800-993-7546.

How the Penalty Fees Work

Florida City Gas is one of the few utility companies that offer a complete listing of penalty fees.

  • Reconnection fee: If your service is interrupted for non-payment, you must pay all past due bills and a reconnection fee of $37 to restore service.
  • Late payment fee: If you bill is not paid by the due date you will be charged the greater of 1.5% of the past due amount or $5.
  • Bill collection: If Florida City Gas chooses to collect bill payment in person instead of disconnecting service you are charged $20.
  • Returned check: $25 or 5% of the check total.

I Can’t Make a Payment

Florida City Gas reserves the right to disconnect your gas service as soon as your account is past due. Most of the time, the company will work with you to make payments or resolve past due balances amicably before disconnection, but only if you contact the customer service department. Call 1-800-993-7546 for payment plan information.

  • Gift Payment: If someone you know wants to give you the gift of power, they can contact 1-800-993-7546.
  • Assistance Program: Florida City Gas works with a deferred payment plan to resolve past due bills. Simply contact customer service to setup the payment plan today.
  • LIHEAP Home Energy Assistance Program: Customers meeting low-income requirements established by the federal government may qualify for LIHEAP. LIHEAP offers monthly support for paying heating and cooling costs.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Tell us something we don’t know about Florida City Gas.

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  1. Why am I being charged almost $3.00 to use the online payment system? I have paid this way for years and have never been charged.

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