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Duquesne Light Bill

What To Do When You Can’t Pay Your Duquesne Light Bill

Duquesne Light is an electric company serving residents in southwestern Pennsylvania. As your bill is based on your usage, and your usage will change depending on what the weather is doing, it can be difficult to budget your bill payment every month. If you are having trouble paying your bill for any reason, information in this article can help you.

How To Pay The Bill

Duquesne Light offers several different convenient methods to ensure your bill is paid. You can pay your bill by mail, in person, or online. You can also schedule payments ahead of time to be withdrawn from your bank account.

To pay your bill in person at a pay station, you will have to visit a Western Union location near you. There is a $2.00 fee for this service.

To make your Duquesne Light bill payment online, visit https://secure.dqe.com/DLX/CustomerServices/Electriweb/AccountSummary/default.cfm?MakePaymentNow=1 and enter the necessary information to complete the payment. The payment is made through Western Union and there is a $2.50 fee for this service.

To mail your Duquesne Light bill payment, send your payment as either a check or money order to the following address:

Duquesne Light Company
Payment Processing Center
Pittsburgh, PA 15267-0001

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Have you noticed fees such as late payment charges, security deposits, returned check fees and connection fees on your Duquesne Light billing statement or account that you do not understand? For a complete list of all applicable fees and charges, you should visit the Duquesne Light Customer Care Page. You can also contact customer service at 1-412-393-7100 for additional information concerning your billing statement or account.

How The Penalty Fees Work

Duquesne Light Company charges a wide variety of fees to customers on a monthly and non-recurring basis. The charges and fees include security deposits, returned check fees, late payment fees and connection fees.

  • Security deposit – Duquesne Light charges customers a security deposit depending on your past credit history or your current creditworthiness. The fee is equivalent to one sixth of your annual electricity bill.
  • Returned check – In the event your financial institution returns your check for insufficient funds, Duquesne Light charges you a $20 fee.
  • Late payment – If your Duquesne Light Company bill payment is received past the established due date, the company charges you a 1.5% late charge on the past due amount.
  • Connection – When your Duquesne Light Company service is connected, the company charges a fee ranging from $89 to $250.

I Can’t Make A Payment

For customers who cannot make their full payment by the due date listed on the bill, service termination for delinquency could be an issue, unless you make an effort to contact customer service at 412-393-7100. A customer service representative may be able to help you make a payment arrangement to keep your service on while you make payments on the past due balance.

Energy Assistance programs may also be available to help you make your payments, but have varying eligibility requirements. For more information about assistance programs in your service area, visit Energy Assistance

LIHEAP: If you are a low-income Duquesne Light customer, you may qualify for LIHEAP. LIHEAP helps customers pay primary heating and cooling costs with monthly payments. Learn more about how to qualify for energy assistance with LIHEAP.

Will They Work With Me To Pay My Bill?

There is the possibility of making a payment arrangement and there are assistance programs available for low income customers. Are you a customer with experience with this company? Please share your story below.

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  1. I made a billing address change in October & my November bill has not arrived. my pa address is 4513 second st McKeesport pa 15132 & my new billing address is 2455 st. pauls drive Titusville florida 32780

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