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City of Durham Water Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your City of Durham Water Bill

The City of Durham, NC is called the City of Medicine. The city provides services as a garbage, recycling and water company. There is very little information available about payment options and payment assistance. Customer service for the City of Durham is available at 1-919-560-4381.

How to Pay the Bill

The customer bill should note information about how to pay your water bill. Typically, a mailing envelope is included with your monthly bill.

Pay online: Customers can visit to make a payment. You can pay your City of Durham Water bill online without registering for online account access. You will need the account number (last 6 numbers) and customer ID (first 6 numbers of your account) from your bill to make your payment.

Pay by mail: If you can’t find the envelope included with your water bill, address your money order or personal check payment to:

City of Durham Water
1600 Mist Lake Dr.
Durham, NC 27704

Pay by phone: The customer service department may be able to process a payment by phone. The number for customer service is 1-919-560-4381.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

If you notice fees you don’t understand, you can contact the service department and ask to speak to a representative. The phone number for customer service is 1-919-560-4381. You can alternatively view the City of Durham Water Fees for Water and Sewer Service page for more information.

How the Penalty Fees Work

There are multiple fees charged by the City of Durham Water. Some charges are for new service and others for late payments and returned payments.

  • Deposit: All new customers must pay a $50 deposit to start service.
  • Disconnect deposit: The City of Durham Water will charge an addition deposit of $50 each time a customer receives a disconnect notice, up to a maximum of $150 extra.
  • Disconnect fee: $50
  • Physical disconnect sewer/only: $250
  • Penalty fee: A $50 penalty fee will be charged in addition to other fees if a penalty fee is assessed. For instance, if you are charged a disconnect fee you will be charged $50 plus the $50 penalty fee.

There is no information on how the customer service department will handle past due accounts. The City of Durham Water will charge a minimum fee of $50 if any other fee is assessed, so it is best to contact the customer service department to inquire about a payment plan before your bill is due. The customer service department is available at 1-919-560-4381.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

The City of Durham Water offers more information about fees than help for customers who’ve fallen behind. What is your experience with this company?

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7 Comments on “City of Durham Water Bill
  1. Thank you for sending me a past due letter on Christmas Eve. I haven’t received a bill from the Durham water management department since July 2011. If it wasn’t for the overdue notices I wouldn’t know what my bill was! I have had so much trouble with water billing and costs that I have hired a professional to evaluate the cause. I use a dye to see if my toilet water is leaking, I check the water meter regularly to see if there is any flow when the water is off in the house. I now shower at the YMCA and flush the toilet at regular intervals instead of after use and drink bottled water. My water bill is more than my two car gas bill each month. I have called and personally visited your office for help and nothing has seemed to change. Today when I called nobody answered. I have a special red folder for my water bills so I can chart my usage and costs – this is the only organization I have to do this for because it seen so much out of control! PLEASE HELP ME WE ARE RETIRED ON A FIXED INCOME and I continue to lose sleep over this problem. I don’t have much time left and I don’t want to waste it on water billing problems!! Would you have a real person contact me to see if we can fix this problem – there are too many layer of administrative deterrence to do this by myself. Also I would like to know if anybody reads these cries for HELP! Thank You?, James Wendell Hull

    • I am all torn up by what I have read about the Water Dept. here in Durham NC. This is not sapost to be this difficult. We are almost all living check to check and have kids to take care of. We should not have to be worrying about if our water is going to be cut off or not!!! I have a son to worry about and if it is as hard as the things I have read then I might be getting me a lawyer!!! I am sorry to the man that lost his water on christmas eve and wish you all the best. I pray that we are not done this way. We just purchased a home and I was on here trying to figure out how to get our water cut on and now I am terrified that my family is going to have to cut back just so we can have water!!! This should not only be easy but it should be free.. What is this world coming to???? GOD BLESS you ALL!!! Sincerely, A distressed Mother

      • How do we cut our water on?? Is there a way to do it on-line or do I need to come into an office some-where? If so where do I go please?? Thank You for your time and please let me know what I need to do. Thanks again, Nicole

  2. The City of Durham water company has always been very helpful to me. They also have great and helpful employees,especially at cashier window..Great Job!!!

  3. It is sad we rent and the landlord takes his time to fix a water leakage the bill was over $200 for one month and the problem was still there after he sent someone out. The dates in the house was from February-July due to the landlord not fixing the water problem correctly I broke my lease and moved out and disconnected the services. The landlord rented the house within weeks. When I called to check the correction of the bill because Durham county wanted a letter from the landlord which I carried a copy to them. They told me that I was overdue for a disconnection. I told them that I wasn’t living at that address anymore that I had moved out in July. Found out that the bill was still in my name in October. Thanks a lot Durham County water service for additional monies added on to my bill. It has been a couple of years since I called concerning my bill because I left it alone because no on would help me. Just last week I receive a letter for a bill over $1213. People beware of Durham County water service.


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