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Citizens Gas Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Citizens Gas Bill

Citizens Gas is a subsidiary of Citizens Energy Group and services more than 300,000 customers in the Indianapolis area. The gas company branched out into other utilities, providing customers with wastewater and water services.

How to Pay Your Bill

Pay online: You can pay your Citizens Gas bill online by visiting

Pay in person: You can pay your Citizens Gas bill in person by dropping off payment at the location on Meridian and 21st street.

Budget payment plan: This service is only offered during the winter months. You have the opportunity to pay the same amount during the course of the winter months.

Automatic bank deduction plan: Your monthly Citizens Gas is deducted directly from your checking or saving account. The automatic deduction plan is free, but bank fees may apply. The customer must sign up for automatic payments from their account page.

EasyPay: You have the opportunity to make a one-time payment by calling customer service at 1-317-924-3310.

Pay by mail: Payments can be mailed to:

Citizens Gas
P.O. Box 7056
Indianapolis, IN 46207-7056

Pay by phone: If you want to pay by phone, simply call 1-317-924-3310 and speak to a customer service representative. Follow the instructions and you can pay you bill via credit card or credit card. A fee is associated with paying your bill by phone. The customer service representative could not disclose the particular fees.

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

If your bill has fees you don’t understand, you may find the answers you are looking for on the FAQs page. Fees listed in the FAQs section include gas cost adjustment and facilty charges. Customer service is available at 1-800-427-4217.

How the Penalty Fees Work

Citizens Gas charges penalties and fees when customers do not pay bills on-time. According to Citizens Gas customer service, the following fees may apply.

Late payment fee: Citizens Gas charges 10% for the first $3.00 and 3% on all amounts above $3. This fee is charged on the Gas Supply and Gas Delivery service charges.

Other fees that Citizens Gas may charge include:

  • Returned payment fee
  • Security deposit
  • Disconnection fee
  • Reconnect fee
  • Administration fee for handling delinquent accounts

Citizens Gas offers several assistance programs to customers that cannot pay their bills. We called customer service and the representative we spoke to was pleasant and extremely informative. They informed use customers can call 1-317-924-3310 to set-up a payment arrangement. They also gave us information on specific assistance programs.

  • State Assistance Programs – This service is available for low-income customers that are behind on their bills.
  • Warm Heart Warm Home – This program allows individuals to purchase gift cards and donate them to others that are having difficulty paying their bills.
  • LIHEAP home energy assistance program: This federal program is available to qualified low-income customers of Citizens Gas. In order to qualify for the yearly grant, you will need to meet certain financial requirements. When you receive the grant money, you have the ability to use it toward your heating or cooling expenses.

The customer service representative did inform us that customers should call customer service prior to disconnection in order to set-up payment arrangements. If you’ve received a disconnection notice, call customer service immediately. A payment arrangement could stop service shut-off.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Did Citizens Gas provide you with great customer service when you needed help paying your overdue gas bill? Leave a comment and tell us how the company worked for you.

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6 Comments on “Citizens Gas Bill
  1. When I registered to get my account set up I entered in the wrong email and I couldn’t correct it.
    Had trouble. Now I can’t get my username and password.

  2. have asked numerous times for a bill that you say I owe..getting ready to move again, and think my daughter is the one the bill is due to under my name.. please clearify, and let me know of any and all outstandinding charges..last address 5955 parterra drive indpls in 46227..

    thank you .
    fred farmer

  3. They shut my gas off so I have no hot water or heat and it’s 30 degrees out, I am freezing cold, I called them and asked for help, they told me that I needed to pay them $600 to have it put back on and my bill is only $300. I have been out of work since January and finally got a job which I started this past Monday, they refused to work with me.
    Terrible company… Horrible customer service,

  4. I called to make an arrangement and was advised I had to pay 50% of the bill. I agreed and advised them I can pay 3/14. They advised me I had to pay immediately I do not qualify for any assistance and I don’t have $200. I called 211 and they were unable to help. So now I am praying they don’t disconnect my service as it is freezing outside.

  5. why can’t I pay my citizens energy group bill at krogers or other stores like in Virginia…..does NOBODY accept utility bill payments here in Indiana for gas, electric and sewer–it’s crazy!!

  6. I got a bill with an estimated reading for $250 and I went to their office to inquire about it. They told me they were going to send someone to read the gas meter again aND so they did a few days later. I was waiting to receive some notification about the reading or the new bill. I received a bill a month later with showing the inquired amount plus current charges. I tried to make payment arrangements but they want the past due bill so they can work on paymens on the current bill. Not our fault they sent the past due bill late and put it together with the current bill. And now the gas is been disconnected and there’s more snow coming in the horizon!

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