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APS Bill

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your APS Bill

APS is the parent company of Pinnacle West Capital Corporation. The company serves as an energy provider or electric company for much of the metropolitan Phoenix area and surrounding towns and cities. The company supplies customers with various online billing and payment options, as well as information on how to use less energy to control your electric bill.

How to Pay the Bill

Pay online: APS offers online one-time payments or recurring payments. Customers can also pay a security deposit online. To pay your APS bill online visit http://aps.com/svcs/choosepaymentmethod.acx.

Pay by phone: Customers wishing to make an electronic check payment by phone must call 1-800-253-9405. Credit card and debit card payments can also be made by phone. The payments are processed by an outside company that can be reached at 1-866-261-2738.

Pay automatically: APS offers SurePay and AutoPay. SurePay is an electronic funds transfer system and AutoPay is a bank transfer. Both systems require the customer sign-up for regular deductions, but APS offers a 48 cent discount per month for participating in the program.

Pay in person: There are various APS payment locations. Customers can search for a nearby in person payment location by visiting http://aps.com/main/services/PayLocations/find.html.

Pay by mail: Payments can be made by mail using the envelope included in your monthly bill. If you’ve lost the envelope, send payments to:

PO Box 2906
Phoenix, AZ 85062-2906

Questions About Your Billing Statement or Account?

Information on delinquent fees and partial payments are available on the Frequent Questions page. Customers can address billing questions to 1-800-253-9405. The direct customer service number for customers in Phoenix is 1-602-371-7171.

How the Penalty Fees Work

Delinquent fee: APS charges customers a 1.5% delinquent fee for all payments made past the due date on your bill. If you make a partial payment, a delinquent fee will be charged.

  • Payment extension: APS may honor a payment extension on your bill due date if you are having temporary trouble paying your bill. Call customer service at 1-800-253-9405 to request a payment extension.
  • Payment arrangement: If you are unable to pay your full bill or you can only pay a portion of the full bill, contact customer service to make payment arrangements. Customer service has the right to refuse payment arrangements to customers with recurring late payments or a broken payment arrangement in the past.
  • Gift of Energy: Customers can give the Gift of Energy by making payments on the account of a friend of family member.
  • Equalizer: The Equalizer payment program ensures all energy payments are the same each month so you can plan energy payments in advance. Customers are charged the full amount used each month, but they only pay the budgeted payment. APS adjusts payments if your actual charges are higher or lower than the Equalizer amount.

Low income programs: APS offers information on various low income programs to help you pay your bill. Programs include:

  • APS Energy Support Program
  • APS Energy Wise Low Income Weatherization Program
  • Federal Low Income Guideline Crisis Bill Assistance
  • Project SHARE
  • Safety Net
  • LIHEAP home energy assistance program – This program is only available for qualified low-income customers.

Will They Work With Me to Pay My Bill?

Is APS a great company that helped you pay your overdue bill? Did they offer zero help and leave you stranded? Let us know more about APS.

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4 Comments on “APS Bill
  1. I marion pipkin am corresponding for Grover West in Quartzsite Az .Heis concerned of his bill which is now approx. 10% of the normal amount. This month is $10 plus,norm is about $90 to $100 or more. He has not been away and me not being a meter reader but I can do the trick so it looks as if the reader missed a digit or something cause already the norm of 800+ kWh is already more than 1500 kWh. Mr West is Not wanting the account to add up for than one month at a time. Thank you for your diligence. The $10.36 bill will be mailed soon.

  2. I am in europe I cannot look up how much I owe. Pls. let me know where do I look that up. Thanks

  3. I need to change our form of payment and new acct info, please call. I am Josephine’s power of attorney Jonathan l Kunda and I am her son. please contact us ASAP as our bill is due this month, we need to give you the new payment info and stop billing the current acct. as it has been closed.

  4. can’t get thru on the phone or web I cannot straighten out a billing problem. Medicare paid (primary) and I have secondary insurance of federal blue. Please help letter also going out today 1/27/17 Rosemary Chiavaras

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